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Today’s job seeker experience in the U.S. is fractured. The following survey findings highlight the contrasts that make up today’s workforce.

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If the past year taught us anything, it’s that we live in a divided nation. In fact, nearly 80% of Americans — an all-time high — believe the country is split in two. 

With this year’s Jobseeker Nation Survey of 2,000 Americans, we sought to define that split: who are the two groups and what does the job seeking experience look like for each? The answer surprised us: ‘Divided America’ is a myth. 

Sure, from 30,000 feet you see Blue vs. Red. Coast vs. Coast. But dig a couple layers deeper and you don’t find a neatly divided population. That’s a misleading oversimplification. What we found is many different versions of the American job seeker. 
This year’s survey seeks to define those diverse American job seeker experiences. 

It examines in more depth than ever before the ways people find, secure, and experience work.

  • Gen Z is a Looming Threat: Job Seekers are more worried that Gen Z will take their jobs than robots or immigrants. 
  • Job Prospects Are All in the Eye of the Beholder: For some, it’s much easier to get a job than last year. For others, it’s getting much tougher.
  • Everyone’s Always on the (Job) Hunt: More than half of job seekers are satisfied at work —but 81% of them are open to new job opportunities

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