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Premium Job Posting

ITJobCafe offers Premium job posting services to active and verified Employers/recruiters and also to freelancers. Employers can share their requirements and leverage ITJobCafe to close their requirement. Employers can also get profile alerts that match their requirements.

Job Distribution & Social Promotions

ITJobCafe has understood the diverse nature of IT Market in US and therefore understands that Employers or recruiters usually post their requirements on more than one job portal. To make things easy for the Employers, ITJobCafe shares premium jobs to more than 25 different websites in its Distribution network. Thus saving not only with time and money for the recruiters but also ensuring that their requirement reach all the potential candidates all over USA.

Active Job Seeker Database

Having a solid foundation in US IT Market for the past 8 Yrs. ITJobCafe has acquired a strong database of more than Hundred thousand profiles and hundreds with prospective jobseekers registering in ITJobCafe every day. ITJobCafe has its own market where many job seekers reach ITJobCafe and along with this we get quality traffic from its distribution network, like best of profiles from Ziprecruiter, Jobs2career and other 25 + job boards. Thus ITJobCafe can claim to have a quality profiles from the US IT Market.

Skype Integration

Reaching Job seekers/Consultants can be tough sometimes even after having their contact information. For Employers, to screen Job Seekers physical interaction with the consultant can save lot of time and energy of both employer and the prospective candidate. We recognize that a face-face interview helps hiring managers assess technical and non-technical skills of a candidate quite effectively. Hence Understanding this ITJobCafe has initiated skype integration, where Employers can reach candidates through the skype interaction and can view the skype id of the prospective candidate. (However employer skype ID will never be displayed to the candidates).

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