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Points to remember while you search profiles

ITJobCafe provides Employers /Recruiters access to thousands of qualified candidates to proactively source candidates

Once upon a time, the most efficient way for an employer to access resumes was to solicit them, through a newspaper or magazine job ad. But, in the age of the Internet that has changed. Now, a Simple Keyword Search will yield direct links to matching resumes in our database.

Using keywords to initially screen candidates for matching skill sets will help to speed the search.

Resume keywords must fulfill the criteria for the jobs being advertised. Keywords should reference specific key requirements, including skills and other requirements needed for application. These key requirements should be one word and descriptive, for example, "Java" is a good general keyword when searching for someone with basic Java skills.

As a keyword, "experienced" is not specific enough. It would need to be combined with other, more specific keywords like “Spring”, “Struts”, “Hibernate “ which are also part of key requirements to be at all useful.

In case you are entering more than one skill it is recommended to separate the skills with “,” to get appropriate results. Skills entered without comma (,) are considered as a single skill.

These quotation marks are used to capture a skill that is to be kept intact, in the precise word order stated. Not using “” around some skills will mean that each word is treated separately, usually with an assumed AND in between each one.

For example: Oracle DBA would give results that contain ‘Oracle’ and ‘DBA’, but not necessarily as one skill. It can be a SQL DBA profile which also has oracle as a skill. “Oracle DBA" will give you exact profiles that contain ‘Oracle DBA’

You can choose particular location (State/City); place in which the requirement is open, in order to refine your results. The search result will display only those profiles which are based out of the locations that you have specified. If your keyword is a rare skill do not choose any location because candidate with rare skills are hard to find if you limit to location..

In case, you get results running into hundreds, you can narrow down your search by specifying all available criteria’s (Work Authorization, Employment Type, and resumes posted within 15-360 days which you can find in Advanced Search). In case of ‘No Results Found’, it is recommended that you may broaden your search by entering only a limited number of criteria.

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