UDB DBA Database Administrator

Posted On Sep 10, 2019 Location ,New Jersey
Experience 3 yrs- 5 yrs Duration Contract


Job Description

The client has 6 databases on 9 bare metal servers that will need to be constructed and validated.

  • UDB DBA with experience on Red Hat Linux
  • Should have experience on UDB V 11.1, C++, Java 8, Informatica 10.1.1, Optim, Spectrum protect
  • Design and review of cluster management using VCS and HADR for local HA failover and DR.
  • Review of network load requirements ( do we need dedicated network cards between the primary and HADR databases, do we have sufficient bandwith, etc. ), Optimizing speed of backup and restore (Spectrum Protect) for UDB, Provide load and performance testing tools and tuning recommendations.
  • Experience with Kerberos would be very helpful as we continue to experience a lot of pain transitioning from Etrust to Kerberos.
  • Requirements would be to assist DBA in general assistance of typical tasks (creating instances/databases, database restore/rollforward validation, etc.

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