10 Entry Level IT Jobs: Salaries, Career Paths and More
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Once you get a certification in IT, you'll want to start looking for entry level IT jobs. Learn about salaries, career paths and more here.

Information Technology is a $4.8 trillion industry. It continues to grow with astounding rates and is responsible for almost 5.4 million jobs in the United States alone. 

The industry continues to grow and evolve, adding new jobs every year, making it a hot job market. 

If you are looking to start your career in IT, here are 10 entry level IT jobs that will start you on the path to success.  

Digital Marketing Manager

In the new age of social media, digital marketing managers are in high demand.

They are responsible for managing the online presence of the company through websites, social media, and online ads.

They help with sales by increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Average Salary: $86,930

Digital Strategist

Digital strategists help develop long term goals for the company. 

They work with other teams to implement these goals and promote long term growth for the brand. 

Average Salary: $89,698 

Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager works together with the digital marketing manager to produce content for the brand's online presence.

From creating social media posts, or writing blogs, they are responsible for putting content out there that will help connect with customers.

Average Salary: $93,125

Junior Web Developer

Another great entry level IT job is a junior web developer. They write the code for websites and apps. They may also be responsible for the design of the website as well. 

They work together with clients to design websites and apps that fit specifically to the needs of the brand.

Average Salary: $78,897

Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for collecting data on specific topics. They use many different methods to collect data, which they then sort through and present in easy to understand ways.

Through data collection, companies can discover information that is necessary for their long term growth. 

Average Salary: $83,878

Digital Project Manager

Digital project managers oversee many digital teams, such as web developers and designers. They help coordinate the projects between the different teams and keep everything organized. 

Average Salary: $90,337

Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for managing databases of important and classified information. This could be anything from customer information to financial records. 

Average Salary: $93,164

Network Systems Administrator

A network systems administrator is responsible for the management and maintenance of all of the companies digital networks.

They will coordinate updates, repairs, and everything in between to keep the system running smoothly. 

Average Salary: $78,322

Information Security Analyst

Security analysts are essential for the safety of the companies records. They are responsible for staying up to date on security trends and help keep important information protected. 

They help to develop safety protocols and prevent security breaches. 

Average Salary: $111,395

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support specialists work with customers and companies to evaluate issues and help troubleshoot problems. 

They can also be responsible for training people on how to use software and equipment. 

Average Salary: $50,998

Looking for Entry Level IT Jobs?

The IT industry is booming and the demand for new workers is high. There are countless entry level IT jobs out there, so don't wait any longer to start on a new and rewarding career path. 

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